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Picture taken several years ago by an employee. Rainbow over the store one rainy afternoon.

Every year, a group of store representatives go up to Louisville during the KMEA conference and set up a booth in the vendor hall. We always have a blast meeting new people and seeing old friends as well! Stop by and say ‘Hi” if you see us there next time.

Pictured here is our most veteran employee, Mr. Hall. He has worked in the store almost as long as it has been open. We are lucky to have such a skilled and passionate employee.


In this photo, we see him performing an on-sight repair some years ago.

This was a fun project by a few of our repair technicians. They found a new purpose for this old cello that was un-playable. It now sits in our show room!

Damage like this can hurt your heart! That is why is it very important to us that our repair team are excellent at fixing damaged instruments, even ones that seem un-fixable.


No matter the state of  disrepair you may THINK your instrument is in, you are always welcome to bring it in for us to give a free estimate on repair costs and timelines. You may wind up surprised.