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It is important that your child has the proper tools in order to succeed in band or orchestra.  A child must be given the opportunity to be able to practice and perform on a quality instrument for them to succeed.  Hurst Music values the importance of music education and therefore offers a rent-to-own program in order for parents to provide their aspiring musicians with quality instruments at low monthly rates.  Should your child determine that band or orchestra is not right for them, simply return the instrument back to Hurst Music.  There is no obligation to buy. Click on the link Hurst Music Rental Program for more details regarding our instrument rentals.  Hurst Music also offers quality refurbished instruments at various price points if you are looking for an overall lower cost alternative.  Should you purchase a used instrument from a private party, please make sure that it is a quality instrument from a major manufacturer and is in good working condition.  Many customers have purchased a used instrument privately only to find out that it cost a significant amount of money to get it back in playing condition.  Ask the seller for a detailed repair history on the instrument that they are selling in order to know more about what you are purchasing.




         BE PATIENT

It is important that parents remain patient with their child while they begin a new instrument.  Learning an instrument takes time.  Unlike video games such as Rock Band, your child is not going to be able to pick up the instrument and immediately begin playing Beethoven or Mozart.  To give an instrument a “good try”, a commitment of at least four months is necessary to be able to determine if the instrument is the right fit for them.  This four month time frame usually ends right around the end of the first semester, or their first concert in December or January.  At this point, you should discuss with your child if they want to continue with their current instrument, switch to a different instrument, or discontinue band or orchestra altogether.  Should you and your child decide to continue with their current instrument, it is recommended to enroll them in private lessons in order to help them reach their musical potential if this has not been done already.


For your child to succeed in band or orchestra, it is important that he or she develops consistent and effective practice habits.  Practicing should be done at  the same time and same place every day when the child is still alert and motivated.  For the practice to truly be effective, it should be done in an area of the home such as a study, an office, or a dining room,  where no distractions are present.   Students should practice for results rather than accumulated time. 


A music stand is also key in helping develop effective practice habits.  For around $15, a music stand helps the aspiring musician develop effective posture to help promote deep breathing and proper playing position.  Using tape to hold up music against a wall does not work well— especially if you play a trombone.  Using a piano desk is also not effective since it is not at the correct height or distance for the band or orchestra musician. 



Below are links of videos that provide helpful instruction in maintaining your child’s instrument as well as showing them the world’s top performers on each instrument.  


Text Box: Flute Maintenance & Cleaning
Text Box: Doppler Baker & Rampal on The Dick Cavett Show
Text Box: Lori Bell:  Gymnopedie No. 1 by Satie
Text Box: James Galway:  Flight of the Bumblebee
Text Box: Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull:  Smoke on the Water, Aqualung, Kashmir


Text Box: Oboe Maintenance & Cleaning
Text Box: Heinz Holliger Performs Mozart
Text Box: Maurice Bourgue:  Oboe Sonata in D major by Saint-Text Box: Albrecht Mayer:  Handel for Oboe & Orchestra


Text Box: Clarinet Maintenance & Cleaning
Text Box: Benny Goodman:  Sing Sing Sing
Text Box: Artie Shaw:  Concerto for Clarinet
Text Box: Julian Bliss:  Golden Jubilee


Text Box: Brandford Marsalis:  Dienda
Text Box: Charlie Parker & Coleman Hawkins
Text Box: Michael Brecker:  Round Midnight


Text Box: Trumpet Cleaning & Maintenance
Text Box: Maynard Ferguson:  MacArthur Park
Text Box: Doc Severinsen & The Tonight Show Band:  Watch What Happens


Text Box: Dale Clevenger:  Symphonia by Mahler
Text Box: Alan Civil:  Horn Solo on For No One by The Beatles
Text Box: Philip Farkas:  Fairy Kiss by Stravinsky


Text Box: Trombone Cleaning & Maintenance
Text Box: J.J. Johnson:  Autumn Leaves
Text Box: Bill Watrous:  American Concerto for Jazz Quartet & Orchestra
Text Box: Joe Alessi:  Air Varie
Text Box: Buddy Rich vs. Animal  on The Muppet Show
Text Box: Blessing Chmanga:  Drum & Marimba Solo
Text Box: Gary Burton:  Chegade Saudade
Text Box: Eugene Novotney:  A Minute of News


Text Box: Tartini-”Devil’s Trill” by Itzhak Perlman


Text Box: Charlie Daniels Band “Devil Went Down to Georgia”
Text Box: Jascha Heifetz plays Paganini Caprice No. 24


Text Box: Chris Botti & Yo-Yo Ma Cinema Paradiso
Text Box: Rostropovich plays Prelude from Bach’s Cello Suite No. 1
Text Box: Rachmaninov-Vocalise by Dai Miyata
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