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Never been to our store? Take the virtual picture tour and find out what we have to offer!

Upon entrance to the store you will find our string section immediately to your right. Here, we feature a wall with different sized violins and violas for our patrons to test and see what size works best for them.


Also featured along the wall is an assortment of bows. We carry several brands for all different instruments and their sizes.


We have accessories for strings as well, including rosin, chin rests, bow cases, polishes, rock stops and so much more.

Being a band and orchestra-focused store means having the products needed for all musicians in those situations. Our woodwind section ( including but not limited to what is seen here ) features reeds, ligatures, cork grease, mouthpieces, swabs, and more from the leading brands in the woodwind industry. We sell reeds by the box or if you only need one or two, we sell them individually as well.



We carry accessories for brass instruments as well. They can be found upon their individually marked stations in the main section of the show room. Valve oil, slide grease, mutes, lyres, you name it.


As wide an array of accessories as we carry, there are simply some things we donít stock in the store. But not to worry! We can order just about anything you may need. Turnaround on orders is general within a week unless your item happens to be back-ordered. Please donít hesitate to ask if you canít find something you need.


Along the wall on the right of our show room hang most models of the horns that we rent in our school rental program. We rent these instruments on a month-to-month basis to elementary, middle, and high school students in our service area. The majority of the rental fee per month goes toward the purchase of the instrument, and a few dollars is put toward maintenance and repair in the case of damage toward the instrument. See our Rental Info page for more details on that.


Along the back wall of the store, you will find an assortment of folk instruments. We carry several different ukuleles, harmonicas, dulcimers, whistles, and other folk-style instruments.


We offer several student line models and brands of guitars in-store, and have a larger catalogue selection as well. If you donít see what you need in-store, we will be happy to try and find it in our suppliersí catalogues.


We also have accessories for guitars including strings, capos, picks, straps, slides, and music as well.




Our drum and percussion section features drums, sticks, cymbals, heads, hardware, and accessories from the finest percussion companies on the planet. Whether it is marching, mallet, orchestral, or drum set playing, we are certain you will find what you need here.


We have a whole corner of the store† (and more not pictured) dedicated to method and lesson books for all levels of playing and most instruments.


We try to cater to what schools in our surrounding counties are requesting for their students, so chances are, if you live in our service area, we carry the books you need. If not, we are happy to order them for you.


The Pro Room houses our professional and intermediate models of instruments. We carry Yamaha, Getzen, Gemeinhardt, Eastman, Amadeus, and Holton brands. Purchase of these high-end instruments can be made all at once, or via our financing options. See a salesperson for questions about these instruments. Feel free to test one next time you are in the store!

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